The Recovery Platform, LLC (TRP) is selected by the North Carolina Medical Society Foundation (NCMSF) as the Technology Platform for the Project OBOT NC initiative

June 10, 2018  In 2018, the Journal of the American Medical Association, classified 412 counties as “high-risk” and 1,485 as “not high-risk.” Among those, 41 of North Carolina’s 100 counties qualified as “opioid high-risk” counties. Project OBOT NC is a program created by NCMSF to provide access to patients throughout the state. NCMSF used this initiative to organize a coalition of experts in the field of opioid use disorder then raised funds to launch pilots throughout the state of North Carolina in an effort to create a toolkit for effective treatment.

Opioid Addiction is a treatable disease, but it requires significant care coordination and collaboration among providers and care resources. Providers given proper training and surrounded with professionals to share in their patients’ treatment strategy can successfully treat those suffering Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). With the formation of Project OBOT, the NCMS Foundation has established a coalition of organizations to facilitate the expansion of Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT).

Funding was provided by Blue Cross Blue Shield of NC and Centene to train additional providers and cover the additional development of the technology platform (TRP).  Following three different pilots over a period of two years, Project OBOT settled on a delivery model that included offering MAT with a virtual clinical network so patients could attend appointments with their care team of providers and counselors through TRPs telemedicine platform. We could not have successfully arrived at an effective MAT delivery model without their cooperation. Over time, the TRP platform added new features including self-scheduling, integrations with the PDMP and Labs to provide extensive analysis for the care team. At the completion of our final pilot, Project OBOT transitioned to a bundled payment agreement to TRP who managed the entire clinical process.

About The Recovery Platform
The Recovery Platform (TRP) is a SUD specific platform that facilitates and guides physician compliance and patient engagement when practicing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). The platform allows providers to identify patients with mental health illnesses including substance use disorders. By leveraging its concierge-like patient functionality it expands access and privacy for treatment to more patients. TRP’s technology automates the monitoring and ingestion of patient data which is analyzed and reported to support more complete and timely clinical decisions. TRP features patient self-scheduling to increase patient engagement while embedded telemedicine functionality increases access and privacy, improving appointment attendance and retention.

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The Recovery Platform, LLC (TRP) is selected by the North Carolina Medical Society Foundation (NCMSF) as the Technology Platform for the Project OBOT NC initiative

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