Join the fight against the opioid epidemic

How it works

Recovery Platform is an application used by physicians and counselors to interact with individuals suffering with opioid use disorder. As a Recovery Platform counselor, you are joining a network of providers who can set your own schedule and allow clients to schedule counseling sessions with you at the click of your mouse.

The Key to Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT)

At Recovery Platform, we believe that one of the most important factors for treating addiction is providing the patient with easy access to their counselor.

Work Flexibility

As a member of our Recovery Platform network, you choose your hours and the number of clients you are willing to take down the road of recovery. The option is to moonlight or make this your full-time practice.

Our Platform

Recovery Platform utilizes telemedicine technology along with a templated charting system offering you the ability to work efficiently from anywhere possessing an adequate internet connection.


Recovery Platform is looking for established counselors comfortable working with technology. You will be required to complete a verification process presenting your license and qualifications to become a Recovery Platform counselor. Requirements includes:

• Licensed to practice psychotherapy in the United States (we are not able to provide supervision hours)

• License must be in the state(s) in which you accept patients

• Have professional liability insurance.

Apply Today!

Meet all these qualifications? Submit an application today and a member of Recovery Platform will be in touch shortly!