Offering a collaborative care solution backed by technology to provide effective treatment with an Alternative Payment Model

Offering a collaborative care solution backed by technology to provide effective treatment with an Alternative Payment Model

Offering a case managed treatment solution that combines innovative technology with a service and standardizes treatment to reduce treatment costs at a fixed monthly fee per patient.

Build a state-wide web of enrollment locations (brick & mortar)

Retain experienced addiction professionals to assign care teams and perform routine behavioral health assessments

Recruit a network of “virtual” MAT providers and psychiatrists

Establish a grid of lab collection centers to perform a standardized MAT screening panel

Identify a chain of community pharmacies

Leverage technology to:

  • Improve clinician efficiency
  • Provide clinical decision support features
  • Increase communication and engagement with members
  • Allow for members to self-schedule
  • Enable virtual appointments
  • Manage service utilization and quality

Clinicians want and need technology that makes them more efficient, offers clinical decision support, and reduces their practice risk.

Clinical Decision Support


Chart Signing

Those suffering addiction and mood disorders need treatment they can access from anywhere and on their own schedule.

Self Scheduling


Mobile App

  • Reduced Time and travel obstacles due to Telehealth appointments
  • Recovery Engagement App with appropriate content to patients treatment phase
  • Online Self-Scheduling allowing for flexibility
  • Privacy through Telehealth anonymity 
  • Appointment and Compliance Reminders

Recovery Connect Mobile Application was developed to engage the patient more frequently in an effort to reduce relapse and increase MAT retention. 

Recovery Connect is designed to be a lifetime engagement and support tool in the palm of your hand  assisting on-going sobriety while living life fully and productively 


Recovery Connect is a digital support and  engagement tool for those with Opioid Use Disorder (OUD). It offers assistance whether contemplating  Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT), working to stay in MAT, or continuing Sobriety following MAT.

By personalizing daily schedules with exercises and assessments, as well as 24/7/365 access to a support team, the Recovery Connect mobile application offers vital components to help prevent relapse by facilitating behavioral and social interventions.

  • The Recovery Connect app, along with support team members, offers a comprehensive evidence based process for long term sustainable sobriety
  • Recovery coaches personally engage and leverage these tools for an individual’s care.  Allowing for 1 on 1 coaching sessions considered central to the process, in addition to 24/7/365 access to a support team..
  • A Virtual Community Platform to foster long term engagement allows participants to give and receive support to others in recovery. All communications with coaches and other participants are confidential and delivered through the privacy of each participating individual’s smartphone or tablet.
  • Helpline to include family members, peer recovery, 911
  • Loved-One” group management (non-clinical care team) – link that ties to an individual