Workflow Application to Manage COVID-19 Screening Sites

An application, The Recovery Platform, will assist health systems and government entities offering drive-thru mass screening, with a scheduling and management system for state residents .

Problem: Residents without appropriate symptoms arrive at screening sites and consume valuable “screener” staff time and reduce availability for those who qualify for screening.

The Platform:

  • Reduces time spent and materials exchanged decreasing the risk of infection 
  • Captures assessments in advance and prevents Residents from appearing who don’t meet the criteria. 
  • Fosters the collection of additional data for mining and analytics.
  • Automates results notification decreasing required staffing needs and increasing focus on resident care.


  • Online Assessment & Qualification of state residents requiring COVID screening, including prioritization based on capacity.
  • Online Scheduling of COVID Screening at available locations (mobile, labs, doctor’s offices, etc) to eliminate significant wait times, surges, and lines.
  • Demographic capture to eliminate the need to fill out paper or electronic forms at the screening location.
  • Worklist for screening staff to know who should be arriving within scheduled times and documentation that will associate the collected sample to the resident.
  • Processing of Screening and lab activities, including follow ups in the event the initial testing is Respiratory Pathogen Profile preceding COVID.
  • Automated notification to the resident (and others as required) of the screening result.

State Resident 

  1. Resident, along with  family member, access the website and inputs basic demographics (name, dob, email, mobile #, and name of Primary Care Provider)
  2. Resident answers “criteria” questions as established by the screening entity
  3. Questions are real-time scored by “platform” based on scoring criteria set by the screening entity.
  4. Residents determined not to qualify are emailed & texted information instructing that if they continue to develop symptoms to revisit the website (video & instructional).  Optional text campaign to continue to educate and follow-up with residents not qualifying for testing today.
  5. Residents determined as qualifying for a screen are provided either a drop-down list of screening locations, or may provide a zip code to present  potential locations 
  6. Upon selecting a location residents are offered the schedule calendar for that screening location.
  7. Upon selecting a date and time resident receives by email and text a confirmation which can be printed or resides on phone.
  8. Residents arrive at the mobile screening site with confirmation in hand at the appropriate date, time and place.
  9. Resident presents the order confirmation to the sample collector 
  10. Screening Entity notifies residents of results and next steps when results are received from Lab.
  11. Platform  performs analytics by comparing previous question responses to test results.


Screening Entity Staff

  1. Screening Entity receives next day requisition orders and prints schedules by location label sheets. 
  2. Requisitions possess a Label that can be pulled off and includes resident name, date of birth, and a barcode that will correlate to the Platform’s order database.
  3. Screening Entity provides daily printed requisitions to the Specimen collector to verify arrivals. 
  4. Resident pulls up to the collector and presents confirmation. 
  5. Collector pulls the appropriate requisition and affixes the label to the swab container after collecting samples.
  6. Collector places labeled swab containers and signed requisition into an individual sealed plastic bag to be delivered to the lab.


Laboratory Process

  1. Receives bag and removes requisition and sample.
  2. Scans barcode on swab container.
  3. Run covid screening test.
  4. Sends results to both Screening Entity and Platform’s database.

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