How can Recovery Platform help you?

From physicians to payors, Recovery Platform transforms the way you practice MAT.

Compliance with SAMHSA Monthly Requirements

Monitoring of the PDMP

Lab screenings

Behavior modification

Mental health counseling verification

Review of progress notes


Platform provides integration with care team to bill payors using the Collaborative Care Management Codes.

Platform’s concierge features allows for patient billing for premium services rendered on behalf of providers and counselors.

Compliance, Efficiency, Care Team Collaboration, Reimbursement and Patient Access, Privacy & Engagement provided with the Recovery Platform


"Every dollar invested in addiction treatment programs yields a return of between $5 and $8 in reduced healthcare costs."

The total economic burden of prescription opioid overdose, misuse, and addiction is estimated at $95 billion.

Opioid abusers had significantly higher annual health care resource utilization, leading to $14,810 in per-patient incremental annual health care costs.

Together, Recovery Platform & LabCorp can help to enable physician based recovery services while supporting cost efficiencies for managed care payers.

Join the fight against the opioid epidemic!

How it works

Recovery Platform is an application used by physicians and counselors to interact with individuals suffering with opioid use disorder. As a Recovery Platform counselor, you are joining a network of providers who can set your own schedule and allow clients to schedule counseling sessions with you at the click of your mouse.

The Key to MAT

At Recovery Platform, we believe that one of the most important factors for treating addiction is providing the patient with easy access to their counselor.


Recovery Platform is looking for established counselors comfortable working with technology. You will be required to complete a verification process presenting your license and qualifications to become a Recovery Platform counselor.

Licensed to practice psychotherapy in the United States (we are not able to provide supervision hours)

Licensed must be in the states(s) in which you accept patients

Have professionals liability insurance

Meet all these qualifications? Submit an application today and a member of Recovery Platform will be in touch shortly!

Why the Recovery Platform?

Challenges Today

Coordinating participation and compliance across all clinical and drug court related entities

The Recovery Platform (TRP) provides a single platform for all clinical reporting, controlled substance database researches, toxicology screens and e-prescribing. Access to this information and reporting data can be shared with all parties.

Allowing those organizations accessing public funds for opioid treatment, the ability to accurately report on offender's compliance and program outcomes.

TRP provides detailed reports tracking offender’s performance including lab results, therapy attendance, employment, etc. Reporting capabilities allows the care team to measure a offender’s compliance and assigns a “success score”

Participants face the challenges, not only financial limitations for treatment, but also obstacles related to treatment time commitments and transportation.

TRP employs telemedicine for physicians, counselors, and program administrators, allowing remote monitoring and therapy, and increasing efficiency by eliminating offender travel issues.