Virtual Based Opioid Treatment

Recovery Platform gives you the tools to optimize your practice

What we do

We breakdown patient access barriers by enabling individuals to receive 99% of their treatment in a virtual model, eliminating the need for travel. This Virtual Based Opioid Treatment model is known as VBOT. Other related models are offered for Employers (EBOT) and Recovery Courts (JBOT).

We develop technology purpose built to treat OUD with a Collaborative Care approach enabling providers to meet SAMHSA treatment guidelines in a scalable manner through automation and efficient user experiences.

Through our recruiting division, PONM, we create and manage clinically integrated networks of physical and behavioral health providers to provide quality MAT for OUD in a cost-effective manner.

We work with all payer types (Government Agencies, Managed Care Organizations, Commercial Insurers and Self-Funded employers) to develop a comprehensive Medication Assisted Treatment solution utilizing a bundled payment approach in the spirit of value based care

How we are different

We put the power of technology behind everyone who works with us from care team members to patients and payers to employers.

Our technology not only creates efficiency for users, but controls unnecessary utilization for payers.

Our focus is on positive outcomes and maintaining a normal life not billing the maximum allowable.

In short, our goal is to provide solutions that benefit everyone involved in the treatment and recovery process.

What makes up a care team

Every patient is assigned a multi-disciplinary comprehensive care team:

Prescribing Provider - Each provider has gone through special DATA-2000 waiver training in order to prescribe Buprenorphine, more commonly known as Suboxone.

Recovery Coach - We believe that recovery isn’t a couple events a month, but a daily routine. Our coaches understand and engage multiple times a week to encourage and support recovery.

Behavioral Specialist - Understanding and tracking participants overall emotional state on a monthly basis allows for setting of goals and establishing personal care plans.

Psychiatrist - Addiction trained specialists are reviewing every participant's individual care plans and making recommendations to the clinical team.