Medical Society of Delaware has partnered with Presence to provide you a FREE telemedicine solution through August 30, 2020 and an affordable solution regardless of your size beyond the pandemic.


A centralized portal for patients and physicians to schedule and initiate telemedicine visits


Expanding your practice while increasing patient access and revenue


Convenient telehealth access to your Physician from anywhere scheduled by you


Physicians are being faced with the challenge of providing patient care while there are “shelter in place” orders in effect. Some of the population may also be infected with COVID-19 and physicians want to reduce exposure.


The Platform provides a central portal where patients can schedule a telemedicine visit with their provider. Patients can look up their provider either by practice name or provider name. Patients are provided a calendar of times that the physician has blocked off to provide telemedicine or phone based visits. Physicians receive a notification of scheduled visits and have a dashboard for initiation and management of visits.


COVID Screening and Assesment


Online Scheduling


Demographic Capture


Provider Worklist


The Platform Increases efficiency by offering the ability to see more patients and determine which require more involved care. Expands the physicians practice by adding patients to their daily schedule that can be triaged and provided care as required. Offers the opportunity to market a new service that will attract patients and employers additional options for care. Eliminates the need for administrative staff to manually schedule or reschedule patients needing quick access. Provides additional billing and reimbursement opportunities.

  1. Activate your account and setup your schedule
  2. Login to dashboard to see upcoming visits
  3. Initiate visits
  4. Order labs (with integrated partners)
  5. Complete documentation in EHR

All you need to activate your account are your NPI number and an email address. Don’t know your NPI?  Click here to look it up


The Platform offers quick access to an appointment to assess the seriousness of a new condition or changes in an existing one. Eliminates travel time in cases where a diagnosis and treatment plan can be determined without a physical visit. Decreases the time between symptom onset and treatment plan. Eliminates the need for administrative staff to manually schedule or reschedule patients needing quick access

  1. Access Scheduling Portal
  2. Enter basic demographics
  3. Answer COVID screening questions (if applicable)
  4. Select Date / Time
  5. Receive email confirmation
  6. Receive text reminder before visit
  7. Initiate visit


Contact Medical Society of Delaware for a membership benefit discount of 15%.

After The Initial Free Period

Base Monthly Fee (Per Provider)

Per Visit Fee
$9.99 $0.50
$14.99 $0.35
$19.99 $0.25
$24.99 None