Frequently Asked Questions

Can a prescriber on the system prescribe medications outside of those for MAT?

No, only MAT medications such as Suboxone can be prescribed. Our utilization of the collaborative care team and interaction with the PCP are key.

Will clinicians who join the VBOT network be trained to use the platform?

Yes. We have regularly scheduled training webinars along with training videos and user manuals.

Does the software integrate into my EMR / EHR? If not, what level of double documentation can I expect?

As a VBOT prescriber it is not necessary to integrate with your practice’s EHR since billing is performed through VBOT’s medical practice (Triad Behavioral). All clinical documentation is entered into VBOT and shared across the integrated multi-disciplinary care team. Therefore, it is unnecessary for VBOT contracted clinicians to maintain the records in their own systems as they will not be submitting claims.

As a clinician on the platform how do I establish my availability?

Posting your availability is what enables patients to schedule via the software. For VBOT patients, it is necessary to setup availability so VBOT patients you treat can self schedule and the system can automate patient communications based upon the patient’s care plan. For patients currently being treated in your practice, you may either allow them to self schedule in our system or your staff can manually enter the appointments into VBOT to trigger PDMP checks and lab randomization.

How much will I get paid for my services?

VBOT reimburses at very competitive rates while eliminating the costs of both office / staff overhead and revenue cycle management fees. Rates vary by state. Please contact us at for more details.

Typical time spent by prescribers is 12 – 16 minutes

Typical time spent by counselors is 30 minutes

Average time spent by psychiatrists is 2 minutes

Which types of clinicians can join ?

– Prescriber (any x-waivered provider)

– Counselors (LCSW, LPC, PA, LCAS) – Coaches (CSACs and Certified Recovery Coaches)

– Peers (at this time we are not recruiting for this role)

How much does the software cost if I want to utilize it for my practice?

Prescribers may utilize the software at no cost, but it is expected that 50% of your capacity will be available by VBOT.

How does the credentialing process work?

Step 1) Complete short form application (

Step 2) VBOT vets applicant with the state’s Medical Board, CMS, and other sources

Step 3) VBOT sends its Professional Services Agreement and Term Sheet for execution, which will link clinicians NPIs to VBOT’s medical Practice (Triad Behavioral)

Do we need to use your platform to be able to chart?

The software serves as a collaborative care registry, as such we require that all services provided on behalf of VBOT must be performed and charted within the VBOT platform.

Will I be providing MAT services to patients that are not part of my practice

Yes. All patients are assigned to Triad Behavioral. Our enrollment counselors will establish each patient’s care team based upon licensure, credentials, capacity and quality. Every effort will be made to maintain any existing provider / patient relationships when assigning care team members.

Will I be expected or allowed to E-prescribe in the platform?

Yes. In order to us to maintain a count of how many active patients you have under your DATA 2000 Waiver with VBOT we need to be able to track all active buprenorphine prescriptions. We provide full e-Prescribing (eRx) functionality within the system, in addition to retrieve active prescriptions from other providers based upon data on the Surescripts network.

If have more questions, who do I contact?

You may email for additional information or you may request to setup a call at this link (

What if I employ multiple clinicians and would like to join as a practice instead of a provider, is the application process handled differently?

We do allow practices with W2 employees to apply on behalf of those employees. Email us at prior to completing the applications for individual clinicians in order for us to setup your practice.