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We’ve built solutions with YOU in mind.

Substance Use Disorders need real solutions, not one size fits all answers.  


Residential treatment facilities do their best to prepare their clients for life after rehab, but the data suggest that relapse is extremely prevalent.

By offering our virtual MAT program, as an extension of your treatment, we are able to offer your clients much needed step down services. This allows your alumni a better chance to remain addiction free.

Limited scope of services

Virtual outpatient treatment and inpatient treatement are very different, and expecting a residential center to excell at both is unrealistic.

We partner with you, each of us doing what we do best, in an effort to jointly work together to improve outcomes and save lives.

Provider Access

Recruting a team of providers, especially when tied to a phyiscal infrastructure, can be extremely difficult. Our clinically integrated virtual network of individuals are licensed in the states where they provide services, but are free of the burden of geography.

Financial viability of expanded services

Deploying an outpatient treatment model can be expensive and speculative in nature. Contracting our existing clinical infrastructure allows treatment centers to immediately begin offering outpatient MAT services without increasing current operational expenditures.

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