Triad Behavioral Resources selects The Recovery Platform to transform Medication Assisted Treatment Practice

May 8, 2021 Triad Behavioral Resources PLLC (TBR) has entered into a management agreement with The Recovery Platform (TRP). This relationship is intended to transform all aspects of the practice in an effort to provide greater patient access to treatment with increased practice compliance and profitability.

Nearly 21 million Americans have at least one substance use disorder yet only 10% of them receive treatment. Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) related deaths have exponentially increased between 1999 and 2017 for both North Carolina and the country. During the Covid epidemic medical practices in North Carolina have also suffered adversity as their patients have missed numerous appointments due to new and additional stresses resulting in increased relapses and overdoses.

TBR is a North Carolina medical practice that has delivered Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) to hundreds of individuals suffering OUD for the past 20 years. With five locations and offering a full complement of services including Buprenorphine prescribing, counseling, and laboratory testing. As with many other small businesses, TBR experienced severe economic disruption in 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. This manifested in canceled appointments resulting in decreased revenue. Many NC providers faced even more devastating results including bankruptcy. “We had to pivot” says David Bolton M.Ed, an addiction counselor for more than 30 years and founder of TBR. “We realized that in order to survive to be able to continue to treat our patients we needed to adopt a telemedicine virtual care delivery model”, Bolton added. TBR engaged TRP to transform the practice to a Virtual Based Opioid Treatment (VBOT) model. Tracy Shumate, TBR practice administrator shared: “Our partnership with TRP resulted in a complete makeover of our business operation including not only clinically but also all of our business functions”. This transformation will ultimately lead to the closure of all practice locations except the TRP Wilmington practice/business location.

TRP will leverage its technology and practice management experience to re-invent the services offered by TBR. These will include patient concierge features such as patient self-scheduling for remote telemedicine appointments with TBR doctors, counselors, and recovery coaches. “We are excited to have been contracted by TBR” says Reynold Yordy co-founder and CTO for TRP. “Covid has helped to encourage the rethinking of how treatment can be delivered to reduce both geographical and privacy obstacles for those wishing to pursue sobriety”, added Yordy.

About Triad Behavioral Resources, PLLC
TBR accepts patient referrals from Residential Treatment Centers, Primary Care Providers, Sober Living Homes, and Emergency Departments to offer outpatient MAT. With a philosophy to offer the highest standard of care while delivering a service that enables those suffering OUD to get their lives back, TRB focuses on “high touch” engagement that seeks to promote a reduction in relapse.

About The Recovery Platform
The Recovery Platform (TRP) is a SUD specific platform that facilitates and guides physician compliance and patient engagement when practicing Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT). By leveraging its concierge-like patient functionality it expands access and privacy for treatment to more patients. TRP’s technology automates the monitoring and ingestion of patient data which is analyzed and reported to support more complete and timely clinical decisions. TRP features patient self-scheduling to increase patient engagement while embedded telemedicine functionality increases access and privacy, improving appointment attendance and retention.

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Triad Behavioral Resources selects The Recovery Platform to transform Medication Assisted Treatment Practice

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